Privacy Notice

General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

The use of the term 'we' refers to Dean Steep Holidays' Data Controller and Data Processor.
This document sets out why we ask for the personal information that we do, what we do with it and your rights relating to that information.

Why we need your personal information.
Lawful Basis.

What we do with it.


Your rights.

What we do not do.

Guest WiFi
Legitimate Interest

Dean Steep Holidays respects your privacy but we have a Legitimate Interest in recording a minimum amount of data regarding your use of our Wireless Network. We do this to ensure the security of our systems and for the possible detection of criminal activity.
What we collect
  1. The date and time a device connects to our network.
  2. The temporary IP address assigned to the device by our router.
  3. The MAC address of any device connected to the network.
How do we store it?
  1. The data is stored behind a firewall in small database in our router, separate from any other personal information we have.
  2. The data is stored with pseudononymization. That is, there is nothing in the data that can personally identify you without the use of further information.
  1. Dean Steep Holidays will retain the data for 12 months or until the limited storage is full, whichever comes sooner.
What we do not do
  1. We do not collect any browsing or communication data.
  2. We do not pass on this information to any Third Parties, unless they have the legal authority to ask us to do so.
Access Points
When a your device is connected to the WiFi network (and only when), the Access Point will show the MAC address and manufacturer of the device plus the IP Address assigned by our router and the length of time it has been connected. It also shows the signal strength, transmission rate and the amount of data uploaded and downloaded. We need this information to allow you to connect to the network and to provide you with the service.
We do not use location services. Without the knowledge of who owns a particular device there is nothing in this data to identify you without additional information.

Richard Wall (Data Controller), Teresa Wall (Data Processor)
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